Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 Ways to Increase Bat Speed

By Jarrod B.

Despite what you may think, bat speed is the single most important factor when it comes to how far you can hit a baseball. Increasing your swing speed by only 5mph can add up 25 feet of distance when you hit a baseball. Most people have the ability to increase bat speed by using a few simple methods.

1. Use the lower half of your swing more efficiently: Most players primarily swing with their upper body. As far as hitting is concerned the upper body is the weakest part of the swing. Power in the upper body is generated from the lower half. Watch your swing on video in slow motion. If the upper body starts first and your lower half follows then you know that you are losing a lot of power. Practice initiating the swing with your lower half and you should instantly be able to increase bat speed.

2. Use Overload/Underload Training: Even though it may sound complicated all this means is you should train using different weight bats. Rotate between a bat that is heavier than normal, one that is lighter than normal, and your regular bat weight. Take around 150 dry swings per day and make sure that you swing correctly each time. You don't need to go too heavy or too light, only around 3-4oz difference each time should do. Swinging wooden bats of different size and weight is a great option for overload/underload training to increase bat speed.

3. Increase Core Rotational Strength Hitting is predominately a rotational movement and power is generated by the torque created between the upper and lower body. Good hitters have a strong, stable core and are able to make powerful rotational movements. Work on core strength by doing exercises with medicine balls, stability balls, and resistance bands.

If you can increase bat speed you will become a much better hitter and hit for more power.

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