Friday, September 12, 2008

My Favorite Baseball Movies

I'm sure this has been done by many baseball bloggers ... I thought it was time to publish my top 5 list...

#1 The Natural

This is by far one of the best directed/produced baseball movies ever made. Yes at times Redford seems a bit old for the part but this can be overlooked. Randy Newman's musics makes the film. Many lessons in this movie.

#2 Field of Dreams

This was a close 2nd for me. The ending scene "Hey Dad, Wanna have a catch?" I've seen this movie dozens of times and I still tear up everytime Ray says those words. At first I would think of my Dad.. now I think of my son. I love this movie

#3 Bull Durham

Funny, clever, holds my interest everytime I watch it. Lolly Gag scene is my favorite. Kostner plays a great beat up catcher. Not a bad swing either. Not for kids though.. teenagers maybe.

#4 The Rookie

The classic American story of a kid/guy who never gives up his dream.. and this is a true story. Dennis Quaid demonstrates a pretty good pitching motion too. Good lesson movie for kids.

#5 The Final Season

You may not have seen this one but it's a good one. About a small town high school team that goes through trials and tribuations. Based on a true story.. Rent it, you won't regret it.

Eight Men Out deserves an honorable mention, ok let's just call it #6.

Coach Bob

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