Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Lauches Youth League TV

I personally think that next to changing the eligibility date, this is the most ridiculous idea Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken has come up with...

TRENTON, NJ – February 2, 2009 – Babe Ruth League, Inc., a
premier amateur baseball and softball program in the United States, has entered
into an agreement with Youth Sports Live, the company that pioneered streaming
youth sports content via the Internet. In launching BabeRuthTV.com, the
agreement brings players, coaches, family, friends and fans across the globe
access to local Babe Ruth baseball, Babe Ruth softball, and Cal Ripken baseball
games in streaming, replay-on-demand and DVD formats. “Partnering with Youth
Sports Live sets the future of BabeRuthTV.com in motion, and streaming local
Babe Ruth League games to parents, grandparents, extended family and friends, as
well as providing our boys and girls the ability to watch replays of their
games, is an exciting development for our organization,” said Steven F.
Tellefsen, President and CEO of Babe Ruth League, Inc. “We look forward to
working with Youth Sports Live to provide innovative access to our top-quality
amateur baseball and softball leagues.” Designed to provide youth sports fans
the opportunity to watch their favorite youth baseball and softball players in
action, the agreement provides viewers the opportunity to view replays of games
at a time and place that is convenient for them. By simply logging on to
BabeRuthTV.com, fans can view games at a later date by purchasing the games
through the website’s replay-on-demand library, or ordering a DVD of a single
game or entire season. “Youth Sports Live is very excited to partner with Babe
Ruth, Inc., to bring Babe Ruth Baseball, Babe Ruth Softball and Cal Ripken
Baseball an unmatched youth sports experience.” said Greg Centracchio,
Co-Founder and CEO of Youth Sports Live. “Babe Ruth League and Youth Sports Live are at the forefront of modernizing youth baseball and softball by putting every
player in the spotlight, an experience formerly reserved for the select few who
were fortunate to make it to a World Series.”

What happened to youth baseball being a laid back activity for kids to enjoy. Now they want to put them on internet TV? I can just see parents of baseball leagues fighting over which games get put on the internet on a busy Saturday.

Broadcasting the Cal Ripkin or Babe Ruth World series or even regional championships is where I would draw the line. I sincerely hope this idea of making every town league game available for broadcast dies on the vine.

Coach Bob


Tim Knouse said...

The fun of youth baseball goes out the window as soon as one competitive coach, usually around the time when his son reaches 12, gets a little too competitive with other coaches, or runs the team around the one who has his last name on the jersey. At around 12, there needs to be a better understanding of the different levels of ability, and a better way for coaches and parents to understand the difference between rec level play, and tournament/travel baseball. Some competitive coaches forget , at too young of an age, that it is more than baseball to the kids. If you coach kids, you should not forget the big picture! If some kid between 6 and 14, has not been exposed to the game, don't call yourself a coach if you can't teach them the basics of hitting, throwing, fielding and catching! Coach them and bring their ability level up, instead of playing god and running them away from the game.That's why there are good books and reference materials to help learn the thinking part of baseball. Amazing Baseball Tips..., A Guide To Youth Baseball And Softball For Coaches, PLayers, And Parents,(www.amazingbaseballtips.com) is a good book for new coaches and young players to learn more and shortcut the challenges that new coaches face. This will help them avoid the wrenches and problems that some other coaches and parents bring to the field!!!

Josh said...

Oh boy, don't i know how competitive us baseball players can get I understand what you are saying and I would be happy to post a link to your site on my site if you would do the same I think this is a great opportunity for both of us and we shouldn't pass it by here is the link to my website if you want to put it on your website that would be great and just comment to say what you think of this idea http://cardapallooza.weebly.com/
Josh, age 12