Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Wooden Bat Design Could Change Youth Baseball

As the debate over youth and adult bat safety rages on, one small company in New Jersey has come up with what seems to be a revolutionary idea... a wooden bat that doesn't shatter. The company, Radial Bats, is so sure of this claim that they back their bats with a one year warranty. Check out this video:

What makes Radial Bats unique is the way they are constructed. A conventional wood baseball bat is cut from one piece of wood. The Radial Bat is created by milling 12 solid wood wedges that are brought together to form a stronger bat with a larger sweet spot (the optimum hitting surface on a bat). Because of this contruction the batter doesn't have to worry about how they hold the bat.

The company seems to be targeting problems at the professional level of bats shattering and breaking on a somewhat continuous basis. However, this design and their abilitity to produce bats at various sizes and weights may also prove promising at the youth level.

The price of these bats are inline with other custom bat companies ($120) but they are designed to last a whole lot longer than traditional one piece wooden bats. The bats are available in adult and youth sizes with weight drops to meet most player requirements.

I have not tried one of these bats yet but I would like to try one out and let you know about it. More to come on this...

Coach Bob

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