Monday, June 29, 2009

Tee Ball - A Stepping Stone to Baseball

By Alex Dumas
Most youth sports involve kids that are on their pre-teens. Teams are composed of kids aged nine and up because they are expected to already know the concept of the sport. Let's take little league baseball for example. Most teams or coaches would opt for older kids not because their bigger or stronger, but rather because they have already undergone the basics of baseball. How were they able to achieve it? Tee ball of course!

Tee ball is typically your baseball for kids aged four to eight. Tee ball contains the basic foundations of how to play softball or baseball with one major difference... it does not require a pitcher. Tee ball uses a batting tee in replace of a pitcher. The ball is placed on top of the tee and the batter simply steps up to the plate and swings at the ball. With a successful hit, the batter needs to run to first base or to whatever base he can reach before the opposing team can get the ball to a baseman. The reason why there is no pitcher is to remove any anxiety or fear that kids may have when a ball is thrown towards them.

Tee ball practice is where kids learn to love and appreciate the game. This is also a perfect chance to acquaint kids with the rules of tee ball and how to properly play it. The batting tee is a lot of help in building a kid's confidence. It is easier to hit a stationary ball than a moving one. There is also a higher degree of difficulty with a pitched ball and kids may lose interest if they can't score a hit. A coach's job, aside from orienting the kids on what tee ball is, is to teach kids defensive tactics as well. Offense is quite simple with just two objectives: hit the ball and get to first base. With defense, kids should know where to position themselves and what to do in various scenarios. Simple drills such as passing the ball from base to base or from an infielder to a baseman or how to tag a runner will familiarize kids with the playing field as well as improve their tactics. It will also build their confidence with their teammates.

This sport may be a kid's game but the support from adults and parents are overwhelming. Who wouldn't be proud to see their kid getting a home run? Tee ball is where the future players of baseball emerge.

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