Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Kettlebell - The Way For the Baseball Pitcher to Develop a Cannon For an Arm!

By Brandon Richey

If you are a pitcher that is really in tune with your throwing technique then you understand that there are many more bodily mechanics involved with throwing than just using your arm. Pitching the baseball takes both skill and power and training with kettlebells is no different. You see strength training for baseball is not that much different than strength training for football, hockey, basketball, or soccer. The skills and traits of speed, agility, power, and strength all have to be present with every sport.

For this article I will address the development of strength and power through kettlebell training. First of all, training with the iron bell is tremendous for shoulder strength and stability. As a pitcher this happens to be a very important thing for you. Executing base kettlebell lifts such as the double-arm swings, single-arm swings, and overhead snatches are tremendous for helping you to develop true physical power by building a powerful core, hips, legs, and an arm to deliver that needed strikeout! Don't waste time looking for other miracle methods. Base lifts that involve multiple joint movements and stimulate your body's nervous system will help you to achieve that optimum level of performance. Kettlebells fit this mold perfectly!

If you are wanting to increase your throwing power then you have to start training with kettlebells. Take the time to do the necessary research. I will make it easy for you by providing you with access to all of my articles on all the kettlebell lifts you need in order to be the best. Train hard and enjoy!

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