Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bunting Tips

By Eugene Rischall

Bunting is a very effective weapon in close games. This article will explain different bunts and how to use them.

A sacrifice bunt is when a batter is willing to go out in order to advance a base runner. When trying to advance a runner from 1st to 2nd try to bunt to the 1st base side. When sacrificing a runner from 2nd to 3rd try to bunt to the 3rd base side. Make every effort not to show the bunt early. The fake bunt-slash objective is to show the bunt early enough to draw the corner infielders in. Basic rules for the fake bunt-slash are the hitter fakes a commitment to the bunt just before the pitchers movement from the stretch. Heel-toe pivot is the method of squaring around. Top hand slides upward on the bat. Just before pitchers release bring the bat to the top of the strike zone. The hitter tries to hit the ball on the ground through a hole he has created. A push bunt is used to reach base safely or move a runner. right handed hitters should push bunt to the second baseman, left handed hitters to the shortstop. The drag bunt is used for getting base hits. Three rules for drag bunts are, bunt only at strikes, proper ball placement, and do not give up. A suicide bunt is all or nothing. Runner on 3rd breaks for home and the batter must make contact or the runner is going to be out.

I hope this article gives you an idea of different bunts and how to use them.
Author-Eugene Rischall, Owner, Baseball Training Emporium
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