Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things to Know Before You Start Coaching Baseball

By Lionel Cruz
There might be a chance that you have thought about volunteering to coach in this season because either you like baseball and would like to teach young kids to play baseball or you would like to spend more time with your own child. You want to be there while he learns the great game of baseball and who better to learn from than his own parent. Maybe the actual baseball league is in the slums right now looking for good coaches to help teach young kids how this game is really played. Normally you would become a coach because you yourself loves the game of baseball, if not because your child has asked you to coach. Maybe you just love working with kids to see them improve. Whatever it may be, this is a good productive way to spend your extra time.

The biggest thing on your mind might be how would you relate to your players, how to get them to like you and how to teach them the skills that you need to play this game. Before you do anything you will need to get to know the parents of the children because the parents do not want to leave their son with a total stranger plus at the same time this will build a better relationship between you and the player as well. You always need to be professional even though it is a baseball game to have fun or no one will ever take you seriously.

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