Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coaching Little League Baseball - Bad Habits Make For Bad Coaching

By Nick Dixon

Here are 10 bad habits of bad Little League Coaches:

Laziness is the #1 trait of bad coaches. It is impossible for a coach to fool the players. They more than anyone else know when a coach is lazy. It is difficult to get players to work hard enough to be successful if the coach is not willing to put forth the effort.

Lack of knowledge is another trait of an inadequate coach. They do not know enough to properly teach and instruct. If a coach did not play as a child or teenager, they should become a "student of the game" and learn the correct terminology, fundamentals, techniques and strategies to be successful.

Not being organized is another trait that bad coaches are good at. They seldom have what they need or have a plan for practice or games.

Not being on time is another characteristic of a terrible coach. They arrive late for practice and games. They often have to miss practice or have to leave practice early. They find it impossible to find enough time to be a good coach.

Negativity is a trait that helps make a bad coach worst. They are always expecting the worst. They expect it to be a bad day and most of the time they are right. They expect to lose and often find a way to justify losing.

Lack of attention to detail. They are too busy to see what is happening or to pay attention to small details that make big differences in a player's and team's success. They often ignore swing flaws, mechanical mistakes, and sub-par performance at practice or a game. They chose to over-look the mistake than correct it. They do not consider little things important. Therefore, their players and teams never reach their fullest potential.

Bad coaches often speak before they think.

They are quick to panic or over react. They are impatience.

They are not consistent in teaching and instruction techniques.

They don't really like kids.

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