Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Easy Ways to Increase Baseball Bat Speed

By Jordan Koch

Just about every ballplayer would like to increase his baseball bat speed. Yet many guys go about this the wrong way. I'll try to explain to you three easy things you can do to increase your baseball bat speed.

Maybe you have heard that your swing starts with the legs? Well that is very true. But in order to really drive with the legs we need a solid base. So, when you step up to the plate, your hands should be right above your shoulder. This allows you to drop the bat right into the hitting slot and speed up your baseball bat speed.

Next, you will need to lead with hands. That means throwing your hands at the ball instead of the barrel of the bat. Wherever your hands go the bat has to follow, so in order to whip the bat and make great contact...your hands have to lead into the hitting zone.

Now is where the legs come in. To get a ridiculously high baseball bat speed, you need to drive off the back leg through the swing. Think of it as a runner pushing off the starting line. You need to stay low so can really push and drive off the leg and whip the bat through the zone.

Follow those three tips and you should see an increase in speed. You will still need to put in some hard work to make consistent hard contact, but you should see an increase in your baseball bat speed.

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