Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Take Care of Leather Baseball Glove

By Ryan Beck

The care of baseball gloves varies greatly as it is mainly a personal choice of what each player thinks works best for them. The glove is actually an extension of the players hand and treated as such. The leather should be treated like the skin on the players hand. It is important to first keep the glove leather clean.

This can be accomplished by simply wiping dirt off with a dry cloth. It is important to never wipe leather with any type of water. Simply wait until the mud or dirt dries then wipe it clean. Next the leather must be kept soft.

This is where personal preference comes into the cycle. There are many lotions and creams made specifically that can be purchased for use. Other players use petroleum jelly or foam shaving cream. The player should realize that it is important to use less not more or the cream or lotion of choice.

This is because more will attract dirt and take too long to dry. After these items are applied the player often ties a ball in the pocket and waits 24 hours. Then it is important to play catch. Myths about breaking in gloves that should never be done include baking or microwaving gloves.

Tying a ball in the glove and soaking it in water will also ruin the glove and should never be done. A glove should never be placed in a plastic bag especially for long period storage between seasons. All of these will ruin the leather in the glove and in the stitching.

In review, keep your glove dry, clean and apply small amounts of lotions, oils, or creams. Also just using the glove will keep the pocket in good shape. Just treat your glove with respect and don't throw it around or leave it on the field. Treat it like you would your skin on your hand.

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