Thursday, August 12, 2010

Teaching Baseball Rules and Skills to Your Child

By Joseph Pressley

Baseball games are sports events that you would love to watch. How the game is played gives you unexplained excitement and thrill. The object of baseball is to score more runs than the opposition and the strategy lies in the continuous struggle between the offense and the defense. If you want to teach your child how to play baseball and enjoy quality time with him through sports then you can do it with the help of the information on the basic skills of this game.

Basically, in throwing, the ball is usually gripped with the thumb on one side and the index and middle fingers on the opposite side. The pressure of the fingers on the ball must be relatively equal to the amount of force of the throw. There are three types of throw, overhead throw, side throw and underarm throw. They vary based on the distance of the person throwing the ball and the person who will catch it. Not only is distance important in using tazer stun gun but it is also critical in this kind of game.

To catch a low throw, you must teach your child to reach with the glove on the ground opposite his body. If your kid for instance wants to be an outfielder, you must instill in his mind to learn how to judge the flight of the ball and get under it fast. The ball must be kept in front at all times. When an outfielder is running back to catch a long fly, his head should be turned once or twice to spot the ball and the fingers are pointed upwards. As a catcher, you must have a good view of your target which is the flying ball just like when you need to have an eye of your assailant when you need to discharge the probes of your tazer gun.

Moreover, pitching involves the windup, the delivery, and the follow-through to ensure control. The purpose of the windup is to produce a smooth and natural delivery of the pitch. After delivery, as a pitcher, he should face the plate squarely in order to be in good position to field any ball hit. You must teach your child also about the strike zone which is directly above the plate, between the batter's armpits and his knees.

Lastly, you must teach your kid about how to hit the ball. A good batting requires that the entire body be poised with utmost ease and effect. You can be the pitcher and let your son hold the baseball equipment which is the bat. While waiting for the pitch, you must teach your child to place his body weight on the balls of the feet, with hips, shoulders and eyes level and bat high. Upon the pitch, let your kid whip the ball with loose arm action and snap of wrists and the two hands firmly holding the bat the entire swing.

The successful process of learning and developing the skills involved in baseball will depend on constant participation and proper attitude. You can develop the interest of your child in this kind of play by proper motivation and slowly teaching him the basic skills and baseball rules.

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