Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Stink! We're Leaving the Team

By Nate Barnett

My son is on a soccer team. Most of us are reasonable and committed parents who want the best for our 9-11 year old kids - i.e. to develop and learn the sport. That is except for the whinny couple parents who troll the sidelines spewing their discontent into any ear that will open up. The team has been getting crushed for the most part in tournaments (aside from a few games). But, the good news is that their coach is great. He knows the game, likes the kids, and is patient enough to help them with their skills.

So what more to the whinny trolls want? TO WIN! There is nothing more important than winning they say. Once I entered the danger zone and got too close to one of them on the sidelines and overheard one say their son could be winning more if he was on a rec. team.

Who cares I say. Winning will come, but learning the right skills and mind set to play a game is so important at young ages.

I know you're not one of these complaining parents who leaves good developmental teams if you're not winning... but you know some who have. My encouragement to you is to find a program that will teach your son the correct fundamentals he needs to succeed in baseball first. Winning is a bonus. I say this because when your boy is at an age where winning is more important, he better have the skill set and mental framework to compete.

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