Sunday, February 20, 2011

MLB2K10 My Player Can Help Kids Learn The Game

During the duldrums of winter baseball helps keep us sane. One great way to keep in touch with the game and help kids learn is to play MLB2K10 on Xbox 360. There is a great game called My Player that allows you to create a player who plays any position. Your player starts out in the minor leagues in which ever franchise you chose. He has to make his way through the minors, building up his skill level to someday play with the big club. The player is in real game situations which can be a great way to help your child learn the metal aspects of the game. I found a clip on Youtube of a My Player who just started his career. I plan on following how he does and thought you might like to as well. Here is George Bambino's first episode... click this link to view it on Youtube in HD:

I will probably post a few more videos here but you can subscribe to BambinoBlog's youtube channel if you'd like to follow the series.

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