Saturday, April 9, 2011

7 Ways To Become a Better Baseball Player

By Justin Willman

There are many secrets to becoming a better baseball player, however; these are the top seven secrets that will get you to where you want to go!

1. Make sure you work hard. No matter how good of a skill level you have, remember that anyone can work hard and improve their game.

2. Be a good leader. Coaches and scouts look for people who are leaders and know how to motivate and encourage their teammates. Be that guy they are looking for!

3. Train hard in the off season. This is a crucial step in becoming a better athlete and a better baseball player. Not very man players practice in the off season. What does this mean for you? This means that you can rise above your competition when they aren't working and come back next season to have your best year ever!

4. Make the routine plays. Lots of players try and make the outstanding play and show off with the tough plays, but if you always make the routine play and let your athleticism take over on the tougher plays, you will be a much better player. Remember, extraordinary players do extraordinary things, but that word also has ordinary in it. Make the routine plays!

5. Watch the game. One of the only ways you can get better is by watching baseball and learning from the people who are pros!

6. Find out what your mistakes or flaws are and fix them! Try and video tape yourself and then slow the footage down. See what you are doing correctly and what you need work on!

7. Constantly strive to surpass yourself. Don't try and beat anybody but you!

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