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Learn to Throw Harder Through Hard Work Over Years


Anyone Can Gain Velocity Through Hard Work
Gaining velocity is the most sought after improvement pitchers would like to make. Learning how to throw harder will definitely help pitchers gain this velocity. Most people assume you can't be taught to throw harder but you can. There are a lot of factors that go into the generation of velocity. Some of it is pitching mechanics. Pitching mechanics take a lot of time and hard work to change. If you are truly motivated you will be able to see an increase in velocity. Another, and one of the main factors, is how the pitcher's body is currently maturing. At around 15-17 years old you're at the beginning stages where your body and your velocity can begin to really benefit from a good strength and conditioning. At this point, heavy lower body lifting and plyometrics will contribute to increased velocity.

Different people's bodies mature at different rates and some start much earlier than others. In any case, whether you're 12 or 17, over the next few years your body is going to change a lot physically and even without a strength and conditioning program, you will get much stronger. However, a strength and conditioning program will magnify and multiply these strength gains.

Some pitching coaches tend to take credit for any velocity gains made through maturing. Most of these velocity gains however would have come naturally. While some say velocity can't be taught; I say otherwise. Certain changes to pitching mechanics that result in increased efficiency will help you throw harder and more accurately too. That being said; there really is no substitute for hard work.
A current Major Leaguer, Tim Collins, wasn't always destined for success. In his junior year of high school, he was only 5'5". While he was still effective, he only threw 84 MPH. Over that summer he grew two inches and enrolled in a great strength and conditioning program. He gained 21 pounds of muscle and 8 MPH to his fastball. He is a great example of how maturing combined with a great strength and conditioning program can lead to throwing harder and great velocity gains. Tim Collins made it to the big leagues as a Kansas City Royal against all odds. Use him as your inspiration as he didn't throw hard and he was also 5'5". Most people only have one of those problems.

Don't worry, you CAN and will improve. Just how much is the big question.
My Story
After I learned to throw harder in baseball and a long career, I hung up my cleats to help other players do the same. My main goal is to continue pitchers careers longer than they thought possible! Visit my bio: Here!

Until my junior year, I was not the best pitcher on my high school baseball. But when I learned How To throw Harder and Faster, I became the best pitcher in the league.
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