Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three Drills for Improving Baseball Performance on a Budget


Baseball remains the great American pastime. From young to old, baseball brings joy to millions. Though few make it to the show, anyone can take steps to improve their game.
Here are some tips to strengthen your baseball skills or your team's skills:

1. Take an old wooden broom stick and cut off the broom end. Next, use electrical tape to wrap one end of the stick. You need to collect bottle caps to hit in place of baseballs. Bars are a great place to collect some. Then you are ready for your drill. Then go to a empty ball field with a dirt infield. Toss caps into the air and try to hit them as far as possible using your home made bat. This drill will definitely improve your hand-eye coordination.

2. For your next drill you will need some tennis balls, a regular baseball bat, and a partner to throw you some batting practice. Take a black marker and number each ball. Start with number one and write on all four sides of the tennis ball. Continue this until you have balls 1-5. Then take some batting practice asking the batter to identify each ball as to what number he sees. Learning to focus on each numbered ball will sharpen your batting eye.

3. The last drill will strengthen the players grip. Take a five gallon plastic bucket and fill it with rice. Then stick your hand into the rice bucket about halfway, flexing your hand open and closed. You should alternate hands flexing the right hand then the left. You can also do both at the same time. You should complete three sets of ten to strengthen your grip, which will carry over and improve your game.

These tricks and drills are really good for teaching youth how to play well. Truth be told anyone can be a better ball player it just takes three things practice, practice and more practice. Fancy equipment can help make it more fun and enjoyable when working out and practicing however, becoming good at something like baseball takes determination and effort. When teaching youth how to play the game the most important thing is to have fun and to not take the game too seriously. As someone who loves the game baseball I enjoy seeing players give their maximum strength and effort in playing the game. Take some of the suggestions in this article and see if it helps improve your skills or your teams.
Jim Kelly is the owner of and is a baseball nut. His passion is baseball and loves helping people learn to play the game. He knows the importance of picking the right baseball training gear to help improve performance. He is happy to answer any questions you may have about baseball or any other sport.
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Michael David said...

These are some great drills, thank you! I'll definately use them at our practices.