Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baseball Positions: Third Baseman Is the Best


Third base is the best position on the baseball field. Third basemen are key to a defense because most hitters are right handed. They are often the closest infielder to the batter. Third basemen need a strong arm and good reflexes. They also need to be able to field bunts.
Third base is also known as the Hot Corner. The reason for this is that most hitters are right handed and good hitters tend to pull the ball. This means that the third baseman is going to be getting a lot of hard ground balls hit their way. A good third baseman will take a hard hit ball and turn it in to an out.
Another reason for that nickname is that the third baseman is normally the closest infielder to the hitter. Because of that, the they have a shorter amount of time to react to the ball. This makes every pitch exciting with the possibility of a quick play coming their way.
Third basemen need a strong arm and good reflexes. Most of their throws go all the way across the infield to first base. A third baseman's reflexes are essential, as they are relatively close to the hitter and they are reacting to hard hit balls.
A third baseman's ability to field bunts is very important. They need to get to the ball quickly and make the throw to get the out. Bunting is a strategic tool for the offense, and if the third baseman is good at fielding them, the offense is much less likely to use it. This is a subtle way that a third baseman can affect a game.
So there you have it. Third base is the best position to play. Third basemen are key to a strong defense because right handed hitters outnumber left handers. They have a lot of exciting plays because they are closer to the hitter than the other infielders. They use a combination of a strong arm and quick reflexes in order to make those plays. And finally, third basemen are responsible for fielding bunts.
If you are a third baseman, you are in company with baseball greats such as: Ron Santo, Eddie Mathews, Graig Nettles, Brooks Robinson, Mike Schmidt, George Brett, Wade Boggs, Matt Williams, Scott Rolen, and David Wright.
This is part of a series of articles explaining why each position on the baseball field is the best. This series is aimed towards coaches at all levels. It is my belief that every position is important, and they each need players with different strengths.

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