Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tips for the First Time Baseball Coach


Dads and moms who've just volunteered for their child's baseball team may be a little lost in the beginning. It's important to have a game plan. As a first time coach you may be a little nervous; but if you are prepared, you will feel more comfortable. You'll need to know the rules of the game, the basic fundamentals and how to teach them to your players. You must decide how to schedule your practices with drills and skills your team needs to know. You will also want to hold strategy meetings on how you want your team to play the game of baseball.
The first thing you should do is explore all avenues of information. The internet is a valuable resource. You can find whatever information you need on almost any subject. The library is another great resource for your informational needs. Most librarians are very knowledgeable and willing to help you find the perfect materials to assist you. Also, it doesn't hurt to get advice from other coaches. What greater resource can you get than someone who has done it before.
Remember, be prepared and have your own game plan. The more you know the game and rules the better you can teach your players. Make it easy to understand how to play. Begin with the basics and work from there. Discuss the rules and how important they are to the game. Make your expectations of the players clear.
Teach the basic baseball fundamentals first. That is where it all starts. Have specific drills that will develop your players catching, throwing, and hitting. While doing drills, you can analyze your players abilities and put them in the best positions for the team.
Plan your week of practices. Set up your practices ahead of time. Be sure to check the calendar. Take into consideration holidays and other events that may conflict with scheduled practices. Plan your practices with specific drills you want your players to get better at. As a coach, your job is to help each player advance their skills.
Don't forget to teach sportsmanship. Learning to win and lose with good sportsmanship is important. Having fun is one of the essentials in developing your players. If they are having fun at what they are doing, the interest will remain high. Playing as a team should also be taught. Learning these lessons will prepare them for the game of baseball and of life as well.
These are some basic baseball tips to get you started. You need to be as prepared as you would want your team to be. You are the coach. Your players look up to you for guidance, instructions, and structure. They all want to win, along with you. Your coaching confidence will grow stronger if you have a game plan.

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History of the Batting Glove said...
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Steve Michels said...

Sportsmanship for the win! Sometimes parent-coaches can get really competitive- especially if their own kid is in the team. But, that's where advice from other good coaches will come in.

TannerZ said...

I think that every coach that coaches Youth baseball should read and follow this article. I have played baseball for eight and I have had a couple of coaches that could have used this.

Ryan Francisco said...

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Will Brown said...

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Ryan Strayer said...
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Ryan Strayer said...

First time coaches should be to coach the parents to stay out of the dugout and let the coaches coach. This link says it perfectly.!DUGOUT-PARENTS/c1x7l/4F556FC2-5130-4DB4-A247-000DBAD49FAE

Roman.Grimaldi said...

Great tips in here! I love reading articles that improve the game of baseball and give guidance, not only to players, but parents as well.

Take a look at a recent post I wrote about what it takes to make it to the next level (Coming from a former baseball player myself)

Keep up the great writing!