Monday, August 4, 2008

Baseball Instruction - What Your Instructor Absolutely Must Have

Baseball Instruction - What Your Instructor Absolutely Must Have

By Jack D. Elliott

Finding good baseball instruction can be a challenge when there are hundreds of baseball instructors to choose from. This can be problematic especially when baseball instructors disagree on what is important and you are trying to find the best instructor for you or your son. To help you with this process, we have included some tips that you can use to help find the best baseball instruction for your son.

1. Coaching Experience matters. It is not essential that the baseball instructor be a major league player. Some of the best instructors and coaches are former players who could not make it at the top level. This is because they have a sincere appreciation of what is needed to be a great baseball player. This often translates into better baseball instruction for you or your son. It is better to opt for coaches that have trained high school, college and major league baseball players. You want this assortment so that you know they can filter their knowledge in a way that your son can understand it and be able to take this up to other levels if needed.

2. Be willing to pay top dollar. Top baseball instruction is usually not cheap. For this reason, expect to pay a good amount for this instruction. We recommend you have your son take lessons early in his high school career beginning in the summer before the 9th grade to ensure the proper mechanics and techniques take effect. This will save him time as he does not learn bad habits and will allow him to perform better from the very beginning. Then, periodically over the next few years, you should have him go back and get refresher lessens to continue his progress. This will give your son a chance to keep developing and improving under the baseball instructor's tutelage.

3. Good Rapport with Parents and Kids. This is important because it shows the baseball instructor really cares about the kids he is training. If the instructor has good rapport, this will make it easier for the kids to get into the lessons and end up getting better results. For this reason, look around for recommendations and see if there are any concerns. Also, when asking around, check to see if the kids' play really improved because of their training. After all, this is why the kids are there in the first place.

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FUNcoach said...

I appreciate your take on batting lessons. How much more do private lessons help vs. local camps? I have often struggled with this question as I find the right fit for my 11 year old son. We haven't tried private instruction but I'm currently considering it. More little league baseball takes can be found at

fcaBergs said...

There's a site called, that might be helpful also.

Coach said...

Both camps and private lessons have their place. Camps are great for kids meet other players, work with different coaches and participate in group related drills. Private instruction is geared towards honing in on skill requirement. Batting and pitching are good areas to focus on in private lessons. Be sure to find an instructor that has a good repoire with the age group of your child. Some instructors are better suited for kids who are older.