Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 Most Important Baseball Coaching Tips

By Jordan Koch

There are a lot of good baseball coaching tips out there, but the great baseball coached really hammer down on three tips. The important tips are running hard, playing smart, and having a plan. If you really promote these three tips at practices you should start to see better practices and better performances on the field.

Hustle, hustle, hustle. We have all heard that before but many coaches seem to be getting away from that. More and more baseball players are walking around at practice and that leads to potentially jogging out ground balls and generally looking sloppy. If you want to keep your team looking sharp at all times, make sure it starts with practice. Keep the players running around and you will see a much better-looking team come game time.

Another one of the great baseball coaching tips is the importance of playing smart. Even the best team in the world has to play smart in order to win. Make sure your team isn't throwing behind runners, and that they are hitting behind them. Cut-offs should be hit and outfielders should be taking the right lines to fly-balls. A lot of the things that go along with playing smart are small little details, but all these details done right will lead to games being won.

The last tip is two-fold, in order to win you must have a plan then execute it. Pitchers need to know how to attack hitters then do it. Hitters need to know what to expect against certain pitchers then be ready for it. Your defense should know what to do with the ball if it's hit to them. This idea of having plan will greatly increase the chance of actually doing the right things on the baseball field.

Good coaches become great when they follow the three important baseball coaching tips and implement them into their system. Start seeing an increase in ability out of your players now by cracking down on these ideas.

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abtmc said...

If you had to pick one of those three tips as being the most important it would be the having a plan. One of the reasons I started coaching years ago was from my first son going to practices and it just being a jumbled mess, with few kids actually improving if at all.