Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 Things to Look For in a Baseball Hitting Coach

By Jordan Koch

There are many guys out there that claim to be baseball hitting coaches. How can you find out who you like and who you might not like? There are three simple steps you can do to find out if you might like a baseball hitting coach or not. You're going to want to check his background, his system, and of course his prices.

When looking into a baseball hitting coach's background, make sure he has played or coached at some of the highest levels of baseball. If he hasn't done at least this you can never be too sure what you're actually getting. Plus, it's a lot easier to teach someone if you have done it yourself and he is going to know how to get you to the highest levels.

Make sure you like his system, or his way of teaching. He might know everything about hitting but if he can't teach he's no good to you. Make sure you can listen and he has a great method of teaching people. This usually has to be done by actually taking a lesson and finding out for yourself. If he doesn't work out make sure to shop around a little bit.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure his price tag fits your budget. There is no hitting coach worth a ridiculously high price. Make sure you know the general price range of coaches near you and compare against that.

Try to follow those guidelines when looking for a baseball hitting coach and you should be pleased with your decision. Of course, work hard and watch your game improve with a baseball hitting coach.

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Coach said...

Word of mouth is also a good way to get a solid coach. Ask around and get opinions from those that participated in his program. Then go and watch a session, you'll know then for sure!