Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Choose a Baseball Glove

By Dennis Winn

Deciding how to choose a baseball glove can be tough! There a ton of options available to you and each one has it's strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your primary position there are a few guidelines to follow that can ensure you choose the perfect glove.

Infield Gloves

Infield positions are the most dynamic on the field and the gloves must have the best playability. This means that the glove you choose should have a shallow pocket and you should be able to maneuver it with ease. Here are some general guidelines when choosing the right size glove for infield positions (in inches):

* Short Stop: 11 1/2 up to 11 3/4 (Would not recommend anything larger than 11 1/2)

* Second Base: 11 up to 11 1/2

* Third Base: 11 1/2 up to 12

With these sizes you can't go wrong and can ensure that you have the right glove for the position.

Outfield Gloves

When playing in the outfield you need a glove with a deep and wide pocket. There are a few different ways to place your hand in an outfield glove and this makes a difference as well. Most outfield gloves run anywhere from 12 1/4in to 12 3/4in. Some models even reach 13in but it isn't necessary to get anything larger than 12 3/4in

Pitchers Gloves

For the most part, a pitchers glove is a matter of preference. There are not many demands from that position when it comes to fielding, so it is important to buy something you are comfortable with. Most pitchers use a 12in glove. The most important part is that the glove most have a closed web. This enables a pitcher to hide his pitches when he is gripping it. With other designs such as the H web it is hard to hide the ball.

Catcher and First Base Mitts

The usual standard for a catchers mitts is 32 1/2in. Again this is a matter of preference because the size doesn't differ much at all. All gloves have a different feel so you must try on a few to decide what feels right for you.

First base mitts range from 12in to 13in. The most popular size is 12 1/2in and there are many great models in the size. Again you must try on different gloves and decide what fits you best as a player.

All gloves have different types of leather, laces, and thickness. This makes them all feel and play differently, and can make it tough to make a decision. Focus on your strengths in the field and pick the glove that enhances those strength.

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