Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catchy Tips In Buying Youth Baseball Gloves

By Rileys R

It is during childhood that kids start discovering their skills through sports. As parents we should be ever supportive of their needs in developing their athletic talents. A lot of young boys prefer baseball over other sports. An increasing number of these young enthusiasts are leaning towards the catcher position. In this case, choosing the best youth baseball gloves available for his age is crucial in his success their success in playing the game.

Youth baseball gloves are usually made of leather. For beginners, look for gloves which have adjustable Velcro straps in the wrist area. This will enable them to choose how tight they prefer the gloves should be around their hands. It should be neither too heavy nor too restricting to allow optimal use of their catching skills. Cheaper gloves are made of PVC and are priced at $10. Don't go stingy when buying your kids first baseball gloves. It's going to help him with his skills in baseball. He might just be the next Mickey Mantle of the country.

Choose a glove with a range starting from 9 inches. This is the standard youth gloves size. Take note that it's better to buy your kid an age-appropriate glove. It's going to be hard for your kids to learn the basic principles of catching if they are not trained with the right gloves or mitts. If your kid prefers a mitt over baseball gloves, find a mitt which actually covers the entire palm and wrist area. It should be well-padded to decrease the discomfort when catching fastballs.

The price range for gloves range from $10 to $60. Since your child's going to wear it for lots of times during practice it's best to purchase one with the best leather quality. Do not compromise your child's safety. Some cheap baseball gloves do not have strong webbing reinforcements which might lead to hand fractures and injuries. Buy a reasonably priced glove which snugly fits your child's hand. Test the glove before buying them. Test how durable and flexible it is by subjecting it to different movements.

Lastly, let your child take his pick. He already might have a good idea of how youth baseball gloves should feel when worn. Your child's preference in texture, fit, and comfort will be his gauge on what would be the perfect baseball glove for his needs. When buying baseball gloves for your child, it is also good to bring him or her with you, so that you can choose which pair is best.

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Loud Mom in the Stands said...

We had made the mistake of starting our son off with a cheaper glove. It was just a waist of money. He didn't want to use it once he realized it hurt his hand. We have learned our lesson. Now he has a couple good quality gloves that he loves!

Jim Medici said...

I agree with what Loud Mom in the Stands said. I too have made the mistake of buying my son cheap baseball gloves when he was starting out. We ended up spending the same amount on replacements as we would have on a nice glove to begin with. The down side to that was he had to break in a new glove every few games. It wasn't good for his playing. Once we upgraded him, it made a lot of difference in both his playing, and my checkbook.!gloves/mainPage

Jim Medici said...
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