Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Hitting Starts With Proper Thinking

By Andy Pohl

If you ever played with dominos, you know that all of the pieces need to be lined up correctly for the chain reaction to occur. If all of the domino pieces are lined up in order, every piece will fall by simply pushing over the first one in line. However, what happens if the first domino is out of place? What happens if the initial domino lacks ties with the others that are waiting to fall? The answer is fairly simple-the first domino falls and the others remain standing.

Failing to think properly before each at bat is similar to lining up a group of dominos with the first one out of line. Just as the other dominos do not have a chance of falling when lined up improperly, you as a hitter have a small chance of getting a hit. If you begin the at bat with the wrong mental approach, you might as well sit back down and let someone else hit for you. This brings up the first key point to hitting-success in the end is only possible with the right beginning. The beginning starts long before you step into the batter's box.

Successful hitters are extremely confident in their abilities. Many actually believe that they can get a hit every time they step to the plate. This attitude does not change, whether the hitter goes 0 for 5 or 4 for 5. Successful hitters do not change their demeanors, and their level of confidence always remains high, even after numerous failures. The key is-if you truly believe in your abilities, you will win more battles at the plate than you think. It's amazing how much control the mind has over the body.

Andy Pohl - Co-Founder, DNA Sports

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