Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gain Flexibility And Strength Through Baseball Exercises

By Harold Meidinger

Conditioning of the body is very important in baseball. It is a game that needs strength and endurance. A game can actually last up to 15 innings and so on if no team can break the score. As a player, if you will not execute the exercises religiously according to your program, you will definitely get exhausted before the game would end. Every player of the team must work hand in hand along with their coach to attain the strength and flexibility that they require to last in the field. Here are the following guides to help you with your daily drills and routines.

Always start in knowing the basics of the game. An intelligent and wise player must understand the rules and terms being used in baseball. Knowing what is pull-up, push press, row, squat, etc. can help you perform these exercises appropriately. Make sure to fulfill all your routine exercises so that your body will get used to it. You can use up to 90% of your body strength in each drill so that your muscles will purely develop as you continue your training.

Focus more on your movements than in muscle development. This game requires great speed and agility. Playing in the field will use your entire body as a unit and not a single muscle will work at a time. Keep in mind to train your body according to your role. If you are a pitcher, it will be best to throw balls everyday against a catcher. Focus more on your shoulders, arms, back, hips and legs so that you can do a better swing. There are so many talented pitchers in the world of sports today. You can watch their games on videos or you can go to a tournament so that actual play can be observed. If you are already affiliated to the team, it will be best to discuss it with your coach and he will surely provide you with good training program that is applicable to your role.

Control your body movements but always aim for the best. Move as fast as you can with full strength. Exercise your body to gain proper conditioning before you will partake in a tournament. Injuries such as sprains and strains are very common in the players due to lack of preparation. Just like basketball, baseball also requires you to have a perfect body flexibility and speed during the game. You should be able to maintain a high stamina to last long in the game especially if you are one of the main players of the team. Everything is this game works at a high speed. You will never be able to hit a ball if your senses and body movements are slow. Therefore, your training program must also focus in speed. Try to be quick as you can by following the drills and exercises given to you. However, the control of your body relies in your hand. Burnout is very usual in players so know when to take a rest if you can't make it any longer.

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