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Four Factors to Consider When Selecting a Baseball Bat


Baseball is not only America's Pastime but has become a sport played in all continents. With the emergence of the World Baseball Classic which puts the very best players from countries around the globe on the same field competing against each other, baseball is growing on the global stage. While professionals have unmeasurable resources at hand to determine what works best for them, often times parent with players starting out in little league struggle to get good information on what works best for them due to either not knowing or realizing what to look for or getting bad direction from a well-meaning coach.

To be the best at any age, players need to select the proper baseball bat to ensure their maximum potential is reached. There are specific factors to consider when choosing a bat:

Barrel Size

  • The measurement of the diameter around the thickest part of the bat.
  • Typically, the longer the barrel, the larger the "sweet spot" on the barrel is for making more solid contact.
  • Generally, the smaller barrel diameter bats lightens the weight of the bat and provide more swing speed.
  • Barrel size regulations will vary by league.


  • Longer bats with big barrells are heavier than smaller bats. Younger players should be careful not to select too heavy of a bat. Generally for players under the age of 14, a 32 inch bat should be the maximum.

  • Be careful of "fungo bats" which are designed for coaches to hit fly balls to players during practice. These bats are very long with skinny barrells


  • Grip on the handle is important for maintaining control of the bat while it is being swung and handled in the batters box
  • Grip also helps to absorb shock and vibration when the ball is hit off the handle or the end of the barrel of the bat.
  • The grip is usually made out of rubber, leather, foam or synthetic covering and is used on the handle of the bat.
  • Rubber grips tend to absorb more of the shock and vibration when the ball hits of the handle or the end of the barrel.

Selecting the Correct Bat Weight

Usually players at the college and professional level will select the lightest bat at the given length they are using. This is done to allow for better generation of bat speed which is critical to hitting the ball with authority. Selecting the correct bat weight depends on a players size and strength and comfortability in using a bat at a certin weight and length.
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