Monday, April 2, 2012

Training in the Off Season

It is easy to keep fit and active during the summer months, but how are we supposed to keep that level of activity during the winter months when there are a few feet of snow on the ground and freezing rain predicted for the morning? Here are a few tip to help you keep advancing and refining your skills during the winter months.

Find a local, indoor batting cage business. Even if you have your own baseball pitching machines, you can’t exactly use them in your living room. Indoor batting cages are a great option all year round, but they are even better in the winter when open air batting cages are out of commission.

Look for a treadmill on craigslist. You may be able to find an amazing deal on a lightly used treadmill that was bought as a part of a failed new year’s resolution. I have seen some very expensive models for almost nothing and some good models for free. That’s a lot cheaper than a gym membership and keeps one more car off the roads.

Add some yoga to your week. Yoga alone is amazing for improving and maintaining athleticism. It is also great for the joints that take a real beating during the season. For many, the off season is a time for resting the joints and letting them recover, but that’s actually worse than keeping them moving and increasing the flexibility of the ligaments muscles and tendons. Have you ever had the feeling that your joints are stiff on that first day of practice? You can prevent that and improve your game considerably with just a little yoga. One of the nice things about yoga is that it doesn’t require any expensive materials or equipment. Yoga mats are cheap. This along with the craigslist treadmill saves you more money to save up for a new bat you have had your eye on. Maybe you’ll be able to save enough by one of those nice baseball pitching machines and the materials to build your own batting cage.

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