Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best Advice a Spiritual Coach Should Give His Athletes


The most important pieces of advice a coach can give a team is teaching them how to tune into their spiritual selves. Too often, a coach wants too much control over their team and this eventually causes athletes to rebel or hold onto negative emotions. When things go wrong, players who harbor negative emotions may lash out at others or themselves, and more often that not, lose their competitive edge. The biggest destructive force that a coach and his or her players have to learn to deal with is their own ego and how they handle adverse situations or conflict.

One key to dealing with adversity or other challenges is a coach teaching the team to look beyond the ego. Ego is manifested externally and to look past it one must look inward, to their spiritual self. In competitive situations, this is not easy as the ego is at its strongest during competitive events. The more a person practices, the easier reaching the spiritual self becomes. The spiritual self must become more powerful than the ego in order for you to find it when you need it. Some people are born with a strong spiritual self and find dealing with negative emotions to be easy. If you are reading this, you are probably not one of the lucky few. You have to learn how to become strong, spiritually, especially if you plan on being a coach to athletes.

Spirituality is not the same as religion. To put it simply, spiritual is being in tune with your soul, another word for spiritual self. It is the opposite of anything material, physical or tangible. Being in tune with your soul means you are aware that you are a part of something not of this earth, something bigger and unseen but you know it is out there somewhere. Knowing of its existence and belief in its power gives you the strength and wisdom to handle any situation in a positive and calm manner. Another benefit to knowing and strengthening your spiritual self is that when you are in tune, you are more successful at every type of challenge you face throughout your life, not just in competitive situations.

A spiritual athlete is a very powerful influence on the team, even though he may fly under the radar. These are the team players who are able to keep a broken ship a float. They have the ability to see beyond what the eyes can see and take advantage of what is not seen on the surface, while protecting themselves from negativity. Spiritual athletes tend to have meaningful goals that are positive, win-win situations for themselves and the team. They see obstacles as an opportunity to learn, build character and strength. They know that by overcoming obstacles, they are rewarded with opportunity.
Therefore, a spiritual coach who is successful at teaching the team about their spiritual selves, will have a powerful edge over the competition. A coach who is open and aware of the power contained within the human spirit, is a coach who is happy, fulfilled and successful. Building a spiritual team is the best way to build a winning team, even if the scoreboard shows a loss.

The spiritual coach who builds a spiritual team will usually have smooth day-to-day routines that involve hard work, dedication and focus. A spiritual team needs fewer disciplinary actions and the setting provides a more enjoyable experience for the whole team.
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