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Best Hitting Technique to Increase Bat Speed


Is Bat Speed Important?

Fast bat speed is the skill that hitters are now focusing on and seeking out new ways to accomplish the fastest bat speed possible. Keeping alert to and learning new batting techniques is what training is all about. A fast bat speed is important in both baseball and softball and it can definitely give the hitter a jump on the competition. Increasing your swing speed is the key to hitting the ball harder and further but some hitting techniques have limits as to how fast a hitter can swing the bat, merely because of the laws of physics. Baseball scouts love to see bat speed at their combine and showcase camps. When it is recorded on paper, it is the one hitting skill that really stands out for the scouts.

How to Increase Bat Speed

As a way to increase bat speed, hitters are beginning to take a closer look at rotational swing mechanics because it has been proven to increase the speed of your swing and thus, the rate of bat speed. Many hitter training systems and consensus coaches have adapted to a technique that combines linear mechanics with rotational mechanics as a way to increase the speed of the bat. In some cases, this combo technique has been proven to increase the average bat speed by 20+ mph.

Combo Technique Explained

The part of the swing that helps swing speed rise is the pushing off of the back leg before rotating the hips into the ball. It has been proven by radar guns, that this technique out performs the old techniques of the past. Put a ball on the tee and take the combo hitting technique for a test drive. Radar guns don't lie. Then watch the flight of the ball, it also doesn't lie. Hitters and coaches around the world of baseball are buying into this combination technique. This technique makes sense, initially, and is backed by a substantial amount of statistical proof to support it. But, does that make it the best technique for increasing bat speed?

Popularity Doesn't Come Without Limitations

Is this combo technique too good to be true? One hitting specialist's answer is yes! The scientific answer to this is also yes. Even though the test results don't lie, they are deceptive. Why? Because each time a hitter uses the technique, he or she should show improvement until they reach their maximum potential. Like the saying, "Practice makes perfect." The deception is that there is a limit as to how fast a hitter can swing the bat using that method, thus lowering what should be, the hitter's maximum potential.

This technique, that combines linear mechanics with rotational swing mechanics, really doesn't work to bring each hitter to their maximum hitting potential. The reason is because hitters are taught to hit the ball when it is out in front of them. The hitter is taught to launch a linear attack off the back foot to meet the ball in front, then follow that up with a powerful rotational hip action. Sure, speed increases, but the forward movement toward the ball has wasted time and resulted in a limit to power and speed.

Once the hitter makes a move or slides forward to the ball, he needs more bat speed to make up for wasted time. So really it is all a wash in most cases. The increase in bat speed made up for the lost time; meaning that the hitter can only get so much better.

The Key is the Right Swing Technique

In reality, the key to a finding a hitter's maximum potential is to teach them a hitting technique that increases both time and speed. The problem with introducing a swing technique that uses only rotational swing mechanics is that most trainers will claim that you can't gain bat speed without linear body momentum when starting the swing.

Their theory has been proven wrong over and over again, but most coaches and trainers just won't listen and take the time to try it for themselves. Using rotational mechanics to produce maximum power and speed has been scientifically backed and proven by those who study martial arts. Several rules that are common in martial arts and the laws of physics can be applied to real life baseball and softball hitting scenarios.

One such technique has been perfected and tested for well over 10 years. Teams and individuals who have been trained in the all rotational swing method have been astounded by its power from the very first swing. The rotational swing method has aided teams and individuals of both baseball and softball in breaking over 80 batting records and winning many championship games. Testing of this method has consistently produced batting average and slugging percentage increases of up to 200 points.

The all rotational swing method is the only hitting technique known to product these results in only two steps and in as little as three lessons. It is the only hitting technique known to produce increased batting average and slugging percentage, simultaneously. To date, using a hitting system that consists of only rotational mechanics has not been beaten by linear or combination hitting system.
If you are a baseball or softball coach or hitting trainer, I urge you to try this out for yourself. I truly believe you will be amazed. You can learn more about the all-rotational hitting technique at
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