Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baseball Drills Don't Have to Be Boring

By Chris Campbell
How many home runs have you hit lately? Probably not as many as the strikes that have been thrown against you. The pitcher definitely has a big advantage in baseball.

If you've been struggling with your batting average, rest assured, your not alone. Everyone (even the professional ball players) get into a slump at one time or another. Some players fell their not in a hitting slump, and that they've just never hit the ball as well as they could. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be improved.

Any batting practice, is better than sitting around watching TV, or playing video games. Shagging a few fly balls with some buddies while you each take a turn hitting, can sometimes be better than a formal batting practice session with your coach. Your relaxed, and thinking about having fun, rather than your swing technique. That said, it's not a formal substitute for regular team hitting practice under the coaches watchful eye.

If you don't feel your getting enough individual time from your baseball coach, then you may need to make other arrangements to improve your skills. There's nothing wrong with spending a few minutes after practice, asking the coach for specific things and you can work on. Then spend some time after practice to work on those drills.

Remember, that not all practice time needs to be fun. If your pressed for time when practicing, it's key to getting the most benefit out of the time you put in.

Not All Bats Fit All Hitters

Take a little extra time, to find the perfect bat for you. And when you find it, stick with it. Sometimes a low batting average, is simply the result of using the wrong sized bat for you. This is a simple problem to fix.

If your wondering what size bat you should be using, there's a simple test you can do to find out. Grab the handle end of the bat, point it straight out in any direction. If you can do that for 15 seconds or more without a shaky arm, you've found your bat.

Stand Proud As A Hitter

Don't assume, that everyone knows the best place to stand in the batters box. While it can vary from pitcher to pitcher, and batter to batter, there are some basics that should be understood. Consider strike zones, and your own swing when choosing.

It's good for both the pitcher, and the batter to have a target to aim for. So, always throw something down to be home plate. Even if you don't have an official home plate, try and mark the area with whatever you have at hand.

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