Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little League Baseball Drills

By Chris Campbell

If you've been lucky enough to have an opportunity to try and hit a fastball pitched by a professional, or semi-professional pitcher, then you know how hard it can be.

There have been a few crossover athletes, that move between baseball and other sports, that have tried their hand at doing just that. Micheal Jordan for instance was only able to bat around 200 when he played for a professional farm team. I don't think he ever performed that low on a basketball court for even 5 minutes.

While some drills can make you batting more effective, there's no substitute for quantity over quality in this scenario. It's simple, the more time junior can spend with a bat in his hand, the better. That means, hitting with mom, hitting, with dad, hitting with friends, or even older brothers / sisters. Have a bag of balls near that door, that makes it convenient to grab on the way out for a little practice time.

During a game of baseball, there's only one hitter at a time. And, during practice, there is also usually only one hitter at a time. So, if you do the math, it becomes pretty apparent, how little time your kids will get with a bat in hand during practice. Getting some practice time at home can make a huge difference in the early years.

Don't if your going to put in the time for extra hitting practice, there are a few things you can do to make practice more effective.

Get The Right Piece Of Wood

A bat that fits the player, is just as important as having baseball shoes that fit your feet. The weight of the bat is most important for good feed, as it can greatly influence the speed and timing of your swing.

There is a simple test for sizing a bat for your kids abilities. While standing, simply have them hold the bat out perpendicular to their body. If they can do that for at least 15 or 20 seconds, then the bat should be fine.

How A Batter Stands

While it may seem painfully obvious to most of us, make sure your kids have a solid understanding of where the strike zone is. it's fundamental to reaching all pitches, and is both a simple thing to do, and simple thing to forget to do.

It's pretty simple to ignore, but if your hitting a ball, you really should have a home plate to stand next to, and to pitch over. Even if it's just a rock, or an extra glove, make sure you use one whenever your having batting practice.

These Little League Baseball Practice, are meant to make practice fun. If your a coach looking for Fun Baseball Practice Drills, you've come to the right spot.
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