Thursday, May 21, 2009

Common Mistakes of Youth Baseball Players

By Tim Willman

Many young athletes lack the fundamentals necessary to reach their full athletic potential and become great hitters.

When hitting, you must remember to use the fundamentals and have good technique. I see so many players try to develop their skills, and they actually end up getting worse. This is because they lack the essential fundamentals to reach their full athletic potential.

One of the most common mistakes I see in youth hitters is the grip. When you are learning the proper grip, you should try to align your door knocking knuckles. Many players wrap their hands around the baseball bat and this causes them to roll their wrists. It also makes them have less power. If you align your door knocking knuckles, this will allow you to have a nice level swing and most likely have a better batting average.

Another common mistake that youth hitters have is the load and stride. A lot of young athletes believe that the load is a big sway for power. This is actually false. The load is simply a timing mechanism. Think about it this way. You load when the pitcher loads. The stride is also a part of timing. When the pitcher pus his foot down, most of the time that is when you should take your stride. A lot of young players will also try to have a big stride. This is going to make you land on your heel in spin out. Try to take a load that is around four to 6 inches long. This way you will stay balanced.

The last big mistake that I see youth hitters make is swinging for the fences. Of course every kid wants to hit a homerun, but if you try to more times than not you will end up popping up or striking out. Try to make contact with the ball and hit hard ground balls and line drives.
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