Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pitching at the Next Level - Hard Work Required

By Nate Barnett

I have instructed pitchers for almost 10 years. My best pitching students are those that take the knowledge they learn from every lesson to heart; they go home and repeat movements that improve their mechanics.

They study other successful pitchers, they are eager to learn about every aspect of the game of baseball, not just pitching. They understand that they have to have a depth and breadth of pitching knowledge to succeed. The best students also understand what their true potential can be and are willing to do what it takes to improve everyday. They expect more of themselves than others expect of them. These pitchers are not naïve to think after a few great games, they have it made. They expect greatness and that is what they get half of the time. Yes, half of the time. Hall of fame pitchers win half of the time; it's just part of the game.

The most successful pitchers learn from their mistakes and then get over them quickly. Pitchers who win the most games accept failure as a learning tool and expect to win their next game. They cannot change the past; they only move forward.

Winning pitchers visualize success before it happens. They study hitters; they know each hitter's weaknesses and then they attack those areas they are most vulnerable. Their pitching workouts are very challenging; they are workhorses. Winning pitchers trust their team that they will back them up. They help other teammates succeed. They are leaders!

Winning Pitchers don't stress the small stuff. If they give up a hard hit; they will never allow that hitter to do that again, especially that very day.

If you want to be a winning pitcher, my guess is that you do because you are still reading; you need to be willing to work very hard at your game. You cannot expect greatness if you haven't put in 100% effort!

Nate Barnett is co-owner of The Pitching Academy.

After finishing a professional career in the Seattle Mariners Organization, Nate pursued his coaching and motivational training career. You can find The Pitching Academy's videos, blog, and more articles when you visit the website.

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