Saturday, May 29, 2010

Youth Baseball Gloves - Basic Two Factors That Need to Be Considered Before Buying

By Amy J. Fuller

Baseball gloves during the early days for children were not so advanced, but were a heavy piece of material which children would not be able to wear. Thus they would not wear gear at all while playing their game. But today, thanks to technology there is various baseball gear for children, available in the market, and are tailored to their convenience and comfort. Thus parents today can ensure the safety of their children while playing their rigorous games.

Thus if you are planning to buy your kid a baseball gear then here are two most important points to consider before doing so.

Size: Measure the exact size of your child's hands. This can be done, by asking your child to try on an existing glove, and then measuring it. But when doing this remember that not all brands have the same measurements, and might differ in sizes. Thus taking a professional help to measure your child's hands is the best way. The glove should be perfect fit, or else your child will not be comfortable in them, and might not perform well.

Web: Choosing the type of web on the gear is very important as this may too affect the performance of your child. The web is the leather patch which connects your thumb to the rest of your finger. A web has been introduced on the glove, so that the player can catch and pass the ball easily. There are two types of web:

* Open web
* Close web

The open web has crisscross pieces of leather, which attaches the thumb to the rest of the fingers. This type of leather patch or web eases the control and catch of the ball. It provides a good grip, such that the ball does not slip off the gear and this why corner infielders benefit from this.

The closed web is a solid piece of leather patch which attaches the thumb to the other fingers. This allows the player to easily pass on the ball to the throwing hand. This is why second baseman usually gains from closed web.

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