Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Barrel Bats

By Glenn Downer

If you are looking for a new baseball bat to replace your old one, you might want to consider one of the big barrel bats. These bats are fast becoming more popular among baseball players in recent years, and you can easily buy one from your local sports shop, or from an online store. However, you should not head out right away to buy your big barrel bat, without finding out more about it first.

Baseball is a very popular sport in the United States, and as a result of its high demand, manufacturers are constantly coming up with new designs and styles. In the olden days, the hitters had only the choice of using the wooden types. They were heavy and clumsy.

Then came the year 1970 when a man named Worth started the ball rolling on the use of aluminum baseball bats, which are light in nature, and hard and strong when alloyed. Aluminum bats have been in high demand until the contemporary designed composites came into the market. These bats, which are manufactured from composite materials, are popular due to their durability and potency.

If you were to compare the big barrels bats with the other bats that are used by players, you will find that they actually have thicker composites, and that is probably the reason why they are better for hitting hardballs, rather than softballs.

However, these big barrel baseball bats do not make it easy for bat rolling, a process to make the new bats hotter, so as to add on to the speed of the baseball when hit.

A new bat is placed between two rollers and then pressure is applied to the bat as it passes through them. What this process will achieve ultimately is the flexibility of the fibers, which then leads to a better trampoline effect.

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