Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baseball Wood Bats

By Glenn Downer

Baseball wood bats are the only type allowed in the professional baseball games. No other materials, for instance cork, are allowed to be mixed with the wood. By doing that the bat would be lighter, and the speed of the swing would increase. There are in fact several different types of wood bats available in the market, and you have to personally swing and make contact with the ball to feel if it is the one suitable for you.

Being inexpensive and light, the white ash bats, which played an important role in the history of baseball games, are still in high demand among the baseball leagues. There are a few different types of ash and white ash that have the largest demand as compared to the other types. Since the manufacturing of baseball bats using the material from the white ash in 1890s, this wood has been playing a major role in the sport of baseball. Although it has been around for many years, some still considered it as the ideal material to make a good baseball bat.

The latest popular choice among the players who prefer the wooden bat, is the hard maple baseball bat. It is more dense and thicker in nature, and these maple bats are harder and thus able to withstand more hits than other white ash bats before they crack or split. However, not all lumber from these maple trees are usable, and only straight grain maple woods are ideal for bats.

After all, they grow in nature, so they are not always growing vertically straight. You have to ensure that the manufacturer you have chosen to buy from is using the right stock to make their bats.

Generally as you may notice, white ash and maple are two of the most commonly used wood to manufacture baseball wood bats. The most obvious two reasons are that they are light in weight, while at the same time being very powerful when hitting the ball.

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