Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Single Baseball Bat Speed Exercise!

By Brandon Richey

It is no secret that in order for you to increase your batting average or hitting power that you must have a smart lifting plan to increase your bat speed. Bat speed is what creates the power you need to knock the cover off of the baseball. This power is generated from the center of your body outward through your core muscles and finally to your extremities. This is how the human design works. In order for you to significantly increase your bat speed and improve your batting you have got to have a strong core.

Strength Training For Baseball Bat Speed!

One exercise that is a personal favorite of mine is the single arm kettlebell Turkish get up. By now you may be somewhat familiar with the ancient kettlebell and realize that this is one strength and conditioning tool with a highly respected reputation among the fitness and strength community. It is no mistake that this ancient device has been around for over three centuries.

The get up is performed with the kettlebell by lying on your back on the ground with the kettlebell lifted up above your head with one arm. From this lying position the object of the lift is for you to maintain the bell above your head with your arm in a constant perpendicular angle to the ground throughout the entire lift while standing up to your feet and returning to the ground. As you do this you are to engage your core to shift and distribute your body weight onto your free hand by using the leg on the same side of your body that you are holding the bell. Starting from the lying position you will want to lift the bell up and start rolling onto the elbow of your free arm. Once you get on your elbow then distribute your weight up onto your hand. Meanwhile, the leg on the same side of your body that you are lifting the bell is bent and you are using that foot to push and redistribute your weight to get you into position.

Once you have distributed your weight up onto your hand then from here you just simply will "get up." Now how you get up is your business, but when you do just make sure that you are comfortable and stable in doing so. Once you have stood up to your feet then simply reverse the entire process until you have returned to the start lying position. You will engage your core muscles and develop superior strength that is essential for your bat speed performance with this single lift. If you haven't already started to include the kettlebell get up into your baseball strength and conditioning program then you are missing out. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the champions train smart!

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