Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Barrel Youth Bats

By Glenn Downer

There are trainers and parents who want their little league players to use big barrel youth bats because it will increase their chances of winning the game. However, with so many models and designs available in the market, it is not surprising that you will get confused. Below are some tips to help you when you are making your choice.

1. Weight
The preferred choice is definitely the lightest bat you can find, in order to maximize your swinging power. To make the barrel bat light, the material used is usually aluminum, mixed with other metals to make it strong at the same time. However, such bats will tend to cost more. The less expensive ones are heavier, and are made of lower grade materials.

2. Length
A big barrel bat is typically heavier than other kinds of bats, so if you are getting the longer ones, you have to ensure that the batter is able to handle the weight. A shorter bat has its advantages since it allows the player to swing it faster and quicker.

The acceptable length of the bat for Little League is 33 inches and shorter. If you are unsure of whether the length will be acceptable, you should check with your Little League Organization.

3. Size
The batter will have a bigger sweet spot if he uses a big barrel bat, and it provides more power. The con is that it will be heavier, so it will be more suitable for the bigger players.

The problem that most buyers face, is that you cannot get your child to try swinging the big barrel youth bats when you are shopping for one at the sports shop! The best you can do is to check out the standard chart to see if the length, weigh and size is appropriate for your son or daughter's build.

Alternatively, you can get your child to hold out the bat at shoulder level, and if he or she cannot hold it for longer than 20 seconds, then it is probably too heavy for your child.

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