Monday, June 14, 2010

Hitting the Baseball is All About Regular Practice and Technique

By Franklin Watts

If you want to become better at hitting a baseball, you're going to need two things. The first one is practice. The second one is having a great technique. Having a very strong technique is one of the most important things you can do. This article will help you with hitting the baseball as well as improving your overall technique.

One of the most important parts of your techniques that you need to understand is that you should have a good stance when you position yourself at bat. Your stance is the position of your body while you stand at home base waiting for the ball to be pitched. You want your feet to be as wide as your shoulders in distance from each other. Make sure that you keep your waist and your knees a little bit bent.

When gripping the bat make sure you hold it loosely as well as firmly. Position the handle of the bat so that it is close to your back shoulder. And keep the barrel of the bat positioned above your head.

Now when the pitcher finally throws the ball at you, make sure that you keep your eyes on the ball. Don't let anything else distract you. When you make contact with the ball your head should remain still and only your body will move.

Using these tips will get you started with basic baseball swinging. Remember that practice is very important and you need to practice as often as you can. Master the basics first before you move on to more advanced techniques. And you should always remember to try and learn more about batting techniques as you progress.

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