Friday, May 7, 2010

Using Video to Analyze Pitching Techniques

By Nate Barnett

One of the best ways to make sure your pitching techniques are free of any major problems is to use video to analyze the movements. The key to understanding your performance is to discover what in fact is preventing you from excelling on the mound. Professional baseball players use video all the time to detect changes in pitching technique, etc. Here are some things in the pitching motion to look for.

1. Leg Lift: The leg lift should be a smooth process without rocking backward. Many times pitchers get into trouble because their balance tends to be poor as they lean backwards with their chest. The body should stay slightly bent so the center of gravity remains in the middle of your body.

2. The Front Side: The front part of your body should remain closed off to the hitter for as long as possible. Many times guys with poor pitching technique tend to let their front arm and leg open up (exposing their chest to the hitter) before their front foot lands. Not only does this reduce velocity, but if affects the location of the pitches as well.

3. The Landing: When you review your video, check to see if the landing (when the foot lands) is balanced. Guys who tend to land on the front leg with the weight already shifted forward won't get enough energy transferred into the delivery.

4. The Finish: One of the biggest problems for younger pitchers who lack strength is falling off the mound before they have extended their body towards the catcher. They effectively peel away from the play and do not allow themselves to create the most energy possible.

Finally, in order to learn the best possible pitching techniques, you have to be able to watch yourself over the course of a season. Find someone to video tape you at the beginning of the season, the middle, and at the end at least. If you are uncertain as to what to look for, grab a coach to help you evaluate your movements. Using video is well worth your time if you're serious about improving your ability on the mound.

Nate Barnett is co-owner of The Pitching Academy.

After finishing a professional career in the Seattle Mariners Organization, Nate pursued his coaching and motivational training career. You can find The Pitching Academy's videos, blog, and more articles when you visit the website.

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