Friday, November 4, 2011

3 Reasons to Wait Until December to Buy Your BBCOR Bat

By Ryan M Davis As a member of the high school or college baseball ball community you may be faced with a BBCOR Baseball bat purchase in the next 6 months. Given the expensive and uncertain nature of these bats, smart consumers are waiting until December to make their BBCOR bat purchases for a few good reasons. Reason #1 More BBCOR Models coming this fall As we approach the 2012 high school and college season BBCOR production will increase tremendously. BBCOR Bat manufactures are forecasting huge spikes in demand for their products as all high school and college baseball players must swing BBCOR baseball bats in 2012. This unique opportunity to sell tons of bats has bat manufactures and retailers buzzing about a lucrative 2012 baseball bat season. Many manufactures have plans to release new BBCOR models this fall just before the holiday season. With many new BBCOR bats hitting the market later this year it's a good idea to wait until December to ensure you see all the bat industry has to offer. Reason #2 Holiday Discounts The holiday season is typically a great time to purchase new bats as many retailers offer discounts to attract holiday shoppers. It's common for retailers to send out promotional holiday newsletters or email blast just after Thanksgiving or on Cyber Monday. These promotional newsletters and email blasts typically include coupon codes or sale details for their store or website. It may be a good idea to sign up for a few of your favorite retailer's newsletter to ensure you will be included in their holiday promotional efforts. Given the competitive nature of the BBCOR market it's safe to assume retailers will offer aggressive discounts to win sales. With many popular BBCOR models priced above $249.99 waiting until December can save you money! Reason #3 More Feedback on newly released BBCOR Bats One of the best reasons to wait until December to buy your BBCOR bat is the lack of product feedback and reviews currently available. Insightful product reviews can be very helpful when selecting a new bat. Many BBCOR Bats have only been on the market for a few months, and with limited product feedback it's difficult for consumers to make informed decisions. Its fair to assume the longer you can wait the better, as newly released BBCOR bats will have more time to accumulate product reviews. Waiting until December will ensure you have enough product feedback to make the perfect bat purchase. Smart consumers know, it pays to be patient. New product releases, retail promotions and additional product feedback are all great reasons to wait until December to buy your BBCOR baseball bat. About The Author: Ryan Davis is a baseball enthusiast and self proclaimed bat wizard. His website at offers in-depth BBCOR bat reviews, news, price comparisons, videos, products and podcast. Ryan's Free podcast is jam packed with insightful BBCOR information Subscribe for FREE at Article Source: Article Source:

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