Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finding a Batting Helmet That Provides Excellent Protection

By Scott Smoot Sports-related accidents have become more of a concern today as much talked about athletes as well as novice adults, teens and children playing the sport sustain concussions and other types of head injuries. In baseball, a batting helmet that is properly fitted is vital. Playing baseball with no helmet, or with one that doesn't correctly protect the head, is requesting trouble. Brain injuries brought on by wildly thrown pitches can result in bleeding around the brain which leads to cracked skulls or stroke-like bleeding on the brain. Children and teens particularly may become victims of badly thrown pitches or line drives since their fellow players are simply beginning to understand the art of ball control. Even pitchers today are starting to wear batting helmets while on the mound to avoid injuries from line drives aimed right at them. There are many items you should look for when you begin searching for batting helmets. The helmet's protecting padding is its most important feature. Experts suggest that a helmet have a minimum of a half inch of cushioning produced from polystyrene or comparable material to cushion the head. The materials should meet requirements set from the National Operating Committee on Requirements for Athletic Equipment. A few helmet producers offer dual foam construction that consists of an inner layer of high-impact density foam for protection plus an outer coating of memory foam that adjusts to the head, creating a much more secure fit. Players who are comfortable inside their helmets are far more prone to put them on. A batting helmet that offers excellent head protection still will not be well-liked if it hinders the player's capability to see the ball. There are numerous companies that are producing these with new technologies. This engineering can help to eliminate the glare which comes in the helmet's face guard. The technology has been called eye black for sporting equipment. A hot, cumbersome helmet can be another liability that may make players reluctant to utilize it. A helmet manufactured with lightweight supplies offers a much more comfortable fit. Present day helmet also features air vents that permit the player's head to breathe. It's much more pleasant and effective for a mixture to stand in the batter's box awaiting a pitch when perspiration isn't rolling down his or her face. RIP-IT batting helmets are created from the highest quality ABS material. This means they are the only batting helmets to be both functional and amazing to look at. The design of RIP-IT batting helmets takes into account all of the features players need in a batting helmet. If you play softball you know the importance of investing in a high quality bat. There are a variety of fast pitch and slow pitch softball bats bats on the market as well as batting helmets. You will want to test each of these out to see which one will help maximize your performance. Article Source: Article Source:

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