Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beginners Need Baseball Hitting Basics

By Jeffery A Wise Baseball is an all-American sport and it is loved all across North America. It's even becoming more popular in other countries, such as Australia. From a young age, kids develop a love for baseball and they start playing on teams and in leagues. Just as with everything in life, the thousands of yearly baseball beginners need coaching and instruction. They must learn the baseball hitting basics before anything else. A balanced batting stance is important to learn very early on. A child should stand with their feet shoulder length apart and their knees should be slightly bent. Make sure they put their weight on the balls of their feet instead of their heels. When weight isn't properly distributed, it causes kids to swing off balance. Another thing a beginner must learn is how to hold the bat. They should line up their knuckles and grip the bat with their fingers. The bat should be held firmly but not too tightly. Make sure they also don't hold it too loosely as they may drop the bat as they swing or make contact. Of course, having the right bat is important too. A child's age, size and experience will determine which bat is the best for him or her. Allow them to practice holding and swinging several bats to see which size and weight is the most comfortable. Kids also need to constantly be reminded to keep their eyes on the ball and their head down. They will only be able to hit the ball if they are watching it. Teach them to be focused at the plate and to keep their eye on nothing else but the ball. As baseball players learn these important baseball hitting basics, they should then learn how to shift their weight during a swing. During the hitting process, a player's weight should shift from the front, to the back and then to the front again during contact. This technique really helps with power and bat speed. While this can be a difficult technique to learn, once you get it you're guaranteed better hits. To be good at playing baseball, a beginner must be willing to practice often. While baseball is a favorite sport by many, it is also a very difficult sport, especially the hitting aspect. It takes years to be a great hitter. Children should try not to get discouraged if they have a hard time. Most of all, baseball should be fun for all players. Remember that the reason to practice your batting is so that you can get better and practicing baseball hitting basics will give you skills and talent to become the baseball player you want to be. Find out why you should look into quality Cheap Baseball Bats that are comfortable in your hands which could help you out in a big way. Article Source: Article Source:

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