Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Buy the Perfect Size Baseball Glove

By Earl Crocker There are two main things to consider when purchasing a baseball glove. First, what position will you be playing? If you are going to play the infield, you will need to have a shallow pocket glove. This will give you better control and provide an easier transfer of the ball. When playing the outfield, you will need to consider a deep pocket baseball glove. This will allow for easier catching of fly balls and fewer errors. Next, you need to consider the age of the player. When buying a baseball glove for your kids, don't buy a glove for them to "grow into". This will only cause errors and frustration. Youth players need a glove made to fit. This means their glove may not last for years, but they will have a much better little league career if they have a baseball glove that fits. Baseball players ages 8yrs. and under should most likely use a 9 inch glove if playing the infield, or 11 inch glove if playing outfield. Ages 9yrs.-13yrs. should use a 9-10 inch glove for infield and 11-12 inch for outfield. High school/ Adult players may consider a 10.5-11.5 inch glove for infield and a 12-12.5 for outfield. When buying a catchers mitt the average youth will need a 31-32 inch mitt. The average adult size is 33-34 inch. However, to be sure of your correct size, here an easy formula to follow. First, find your regular glove size. If you don't know it then measure your glove from the heel of the glove (by your wrist) to the top of the glove on the palm side (near your fingers). Next, subtract this number from 12.5, then take that number and subtract it from 34.5. This will give you the perfect size baseball mitt, but remember, catchers mitts fit tighter than regular baseball gloves. So you will need to adjust the straps and allow time for breaking in your new catchers mitt. The best way to break in your new glove is to simply play catch with a friend. This will help your glove and your game. Also, it is good to use a little oil (not too much). And some people like to place a ball in the pocket of the glove and tie it shut, this helps form the pocket of the glove. Just remember, it's all about having fun! Whether you are 2 or 92, beginner or pro, boy or girl, baseball is a great sport, so get out there and PLAY BALL! Earl Crocker Article Source: Article Source:

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